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Stress Awareness Month

What is Stress?

Stress is something everyone feels at times, especially when dealing with change or life challenges, such as money worries, work issues or relationship problems.

Stress can have its benefits but only in small doses, it can help support us to get things done and helps focus our attention.

So what is stress, stress is the body’s response to being under pressure or feeling threatened. The body releases adrenaline which helps us to react quicker.

But being over-stressed can affect our mood, our own body, and our relationships with others. Sometimes stress can feel like it is out of control, and this is where you can see the signs of burnout approaching.

Each and every individual will deal with stress in different ways and it will show in different ways in their body and everyday lives, it is important at no point do we judge these individuals. We all deal with circumstances differently.

Below demonstrates how the body can show things both emotionally and physically.

Some of the emotional signs that you are experiencing stress are

1. Depression or anxiety

2. Anger, irritability

3. Overwhelmed, unmotivated

4. Trouble sleeping

5. Racing thoughts

6. Making bad decisions

Some of the physical signs that you are experiencing stress are

1. Suppress the immune system

2. Upsets digestion

3. Reproductive system

4. Increase the risk of heart attack

5. Speed up the ageing process

Sometime your body will show you signs of stress that you may not think are related

1. Difficulty breathing

2. Panic attacks

3. Sleep problems

4. Fatigue

5. Muscle aches/headaches

6. Chest pain/ high blood pressure.

Tips to Manage Stress

Natural remedies for Stress

Plan a ahead


Split up big tasks


Be more active

Relaxation techniques

Talk to someone

Writing and journaling

Be more positive

Time management strategies

Try self help resources


Herbal Teas


Any excess of stress can have a negative impact on us, this can be both emotionally and physically. This can then lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression, migraines, and other conditions that can affect our mental health. Learning to deal with stress is sometimes the key to challenging this and being able to overcome this.

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