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My Why…

As a therapist, you will often be asked why you started your journey into holistic therapy and what it brings to you.

I have always been someone with a caring nature and this has been demonstrated in many of the roles I have done throughout my working career from being a swimming teacher, an arrest referral worker, a recovery worker and a peer mentor co-ordinator even up to the management of teams in high pressured environments.

My priority has always been the person and not the numbers that come with them. As business models changed this was probably the wrong thought process to have as figures and outcomes came to the forefront and were the priority. I was still there thinking about the person and what it meant to them, what their treatment journey meant to them, and their wider circle. If you touch one person’s heart it usually means you are touching others, and this then creates a ripple effect.

Many things come from working with an individual and treating them as a human being, the response you get from them for asking about how they are feeling, the look they give you when they walk in or how their family member is that was poorly, or they had mentioned in the last session. It’s about everything you build with a client. Rapport, trust, loyalty, and compassion.

A treatment appointment can encompass many roles such as a friend, a counsellor, a friendly listening ear. Sometimes it is about letting it all go in the time that the person has in the treatment room, sometimes the treatment room is the only place that they can vent what they need to so that they can get back to normal life outside of their hour appointment. Please remember the treatment room is a safe space to be you and to deal with or process the day-to-day life moments.

When I started my career as a therapist I was working my business alongside my previous role and looking back now and the journey I have come through, I completely don’t know how I did it( I must have been superwoman, functioning on not a lot of sleep, lots of adrenaline and the want to help other people). I was working a job that was extremely busy and creating my business dream and looking after a toddler.

Since leaving the corporate world and going it alone, there are so many things that I am glad of the ability to grow the business organically, the time to put into developing the future of Urban Soul Holistic Therapy, and the benefits that it gives me to family life and spending the quality time that we need to grow.

So, when asked about why it’s to “Support people on their recovery journeys”, never judge them, and support them where they need the help. Sometimes this means drawing on skills from previous roles or researching to ensure that the client walks away with an answer. Sometimes it’s just about being you.

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