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Who am I

So many times when someone is looking for a new holistic/massage therapist, many questions run through their heads. Am I going to connect with the therapist, will they understand me and will I feel relaxed at the end of my session. The answer I am hoping to give you is YES.

I thought I would introduce myself and allow you to connect with me prior to your appointment and to be able to understand why I got into holistic therapy and become the therapist that you trust.

Meet your Therapist:-

I'm Natalie, a mother of one to a 5 year old boy, I’m 41 years old and I am a qualified holistic therapist specialising in a multitude of therapies including sports massage, pregnancy massage as well as a range of other treatments. I pride myself in being able to tailor treatments to my clients needs and offers a bespoke treatment package designed to enable the client to leave feeling rejuvenated.

Why Holistic Therapy you say?

Well, I started my career in the drug and alcohol field 15 years ago and worked along side many other therapists as part of these roles and naturally saw the benefits that holistic therapy could have on patients and other colleagues. Some of these benefits including pain relief, relieves muscular tension, eases joint stiffness and inflammation and supports the recovery process from injury.

With these things in mind, I altered my practice at work to work more holistically with the client group I was engaging with seeing some massive and lasting results. I have always had a passion for complementary and holistic treatments and when I was pregnant with my little boy, decided to do some re-training and become qualified as a holistic therapist.

Then In 2017 whilst working my drug and alcohol practitioner role, I started offering treatments to my friends and family - and this is where Urban Soul Holistic Therapy was born and has grown from. In April 2018, I set up ‘Urban Soul Holistic Therapy’ offering treatments to the general public. By tailoring the service, the package is just right for the client rather than a generic 'one package fits all'. I want each and everyone of you to enjoy your experience and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

As a holistic therapist, I pride myself on ensuring that my clients receive the ultimate experience in relaxation. We all know so well how our fast-paced lives can take over and I believe that it is important to remind my clients that self-care and relaxation is an important part of looking after oneself. This is something that I think as human beings we tend to forget and alter our priorities to include others and not ourselves. Im here to help you refocus and to understand the importance to why it is good for you to be your priority.

​Three Tops Tips for prioritising you!


As an individual we need to realise that taking some self-care time and making you a priority is not selfish but is key to making you be able to function better and offer support to others. Without this downtime for yourself there is every possibility of burnout, and this will not have a positive effect on those around you. If you are healthy and happy then this will allow you to show up at your best.


Any excess of stress can have a negative impact on us, this can be both emotionally and physically. This can then lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression, migraines, and other conditions that can affect our mental health. Learning to deal with stress is sometimes the key to challenging this and being able to overcome this.


The first and foremost reason to put your needs before anything else is that your health depends on it. Doing long hours at work or in your business will be good for the company but the long-term implications are that you will be drained, unfocused and exhausted. Which would you prefer to be?

If you feel that taking priority of yourself is something that you need to do then message me to discuss your treatment needs.

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